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Coaching Circles (group)

Workshops, Coaching and Consulting Services

Individual Coaching
Using the insights, tools and techniques of my Be, Think, Feel, Act model, I will teach you firsthand how to master every moment of your life and replace fear, anger and guilt with focus, choice and clarity. Your life will be transformed as you begin to understand and embody the flow of the 4 states and learn how to: Be, Think, Feel and Act.
A coaching circle is a place where each member of the circle is responsible for keeping themselves and their other members in the present moment using the Be, Think, Feel, Act model.  The dialogues center around where the members are in time and space and how to return to the here/now; as well as how to stay present, moment by moment.  
You can join a public coaching circle (limited to eight individuals) or start a private coaching circle group of your own peers. Groups can be based on career, interest areas, friendships, clubs etc.

Joining a coaching circle is a great way to meet new people, share experiences, learn and grow. All coaching circles are designed to be supportive and nurturing. 

I have been providing workshops, business coaching and consulting services to some of the world’s leading companies with great success for years. 

My business workshops, coaching and consulting services provide individual one-on-one and team ‘transformation’ coaching. This coaching is based on the Be, Think, Feel, Act model, which is centered around training your team(s) how to stay clear and focused in the present, allowing team members to ‘close’ the past and not manifest anxiety into fear about the future. This coaching also trains the team members to not control outcomes—or others—and how to be truly accountable to themselves, and therefore to your organization. 

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