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In addition to my own executive coaching programs,  I am a consultant to Spire and Calm Circle, both technological companies that blend “high touch” wellness information with “high tech” delivery methods.

Breathe Better, Live Better

The world's first wearable device to track breathing patterns.


Backed by 7 years of research

Breathing is the link between our mind and body.

Breathing properly has a dramatic impact on our mental and physical health.

By learning how to breathe well, we unlock the ability to control our emotions, fears, and keep a clear mind.


Spire uses research from Stanford's Calming Technology Lab to understand your state of mind.


People around the world are using Spire to reconnect with their body, be more productive, and sleep better at night.


  • Vibrates when it detects several minutes of tense breathing. It interrupts the cycle of tension and anxiety and reminds you to breathe deeply

  • Provides a library of guided meditations from world-renowned mindfulness leaders, bringing a sense of calm and control into your daily life

  • Tracks physical activity and provides real-time notifications reminding you to remain active and hit your step goals.

To visit the spire corporate website go to

CalmCircle is an innovative, groundbreaking method designed to integrate stress relief, relaxation and mental rest into the company culture.

CalmCircle delivers proven stress relief and relaxation practice to every employee, whether they work at the office, at home, in the field, or on the road. The system is designed for companies who are ready to make a commitment to the well being of its valued work staff or who have already integrated a wellness program and wish to take it to the next level.

CalmCircle offers four simple ways for company users to improve their sense of well being and performance at work.


Calm is a seven to ten minute experiential session featuring guided relaxation/stress relief, mindfulness and visualization.


Pause is a five minute session presenting practical ideas and teachings to reduce stress level, improve focus, and proactively manage modern day challenges. Pause works hand in hand with the Calm session to incorporate relaxation and stress relief into daily living.


Emergency consists of several short audio options that address an unexpected or high level of stress at any time during the day. One to three minutes in duration, Emergency sessions provide instant relief using a series of breathing and physical techniques designed to relieve and reset stress level.


DeskFit is a series of exercises designed to be performed at, or around, the work desk. Energizing exercises are designed to be used when feeling sluggish, tired or low energy. Relaxing exercises are designed to be used when feeling tense or physically stressed. Each DeskFit exercise is demonstrated by a short animated video and accompanied by a detailed text description.

Each user has an individual log-in and the ability to customize their home user page. Calm Circle may be accessed on work computers, home computers, tablets, and phones. Users have the ability to save sessions in their personal library once they have been accessed and to label their favorites for re-use at any time.

The benefits of a daily stress management/relaxation practice are no longer anecdotal. They are well documented as a result of scientific studies that prove measurable positive impact on health, productivity, and attitude. Click here to visit their links page and explore the scientific research on the benefits of relaxation, stress relief, mindfulness and meditation practice. Below is a sampling of proven benefits that can enhance a workplace culture.    

To visit the calm circle corporate website go to

I work with corporations, organizations and insurance companies to create custom programs that are affordable and impactful.  Companies are currently using these products and services as mindful gifts, as part of a team-building program or in conjunction with their own wellness courses, such as Spires’s or CalmCircle. Contact me at 847-456-3181 for information.

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