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“There is no right or wrong guiding state to be in; what matters most is to 

experience the balance and flow between them.”

–David Chiesa 

Bringing wellness through consciousness and authentic presence to individuals and corporations for decades, I use an integrative mindful approach that allows me to relate in all fields as I educate, collaborate and engage with those on their journey for personal growth.

I am a wellness consultant with an innovative private practice in the Chicago area. My extensive experience is in working with individual clients and groups from both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Believing we are at our best when present and fully conscious, I rely on feeling and intuition as my primary compass. 

My training is a combination of formal education with many of the most revered spiritual teachers of our time and my own professional experience that is grounded in business development and organizational leadership.  

About David

As the former Executive Director for Gary Zukav, I've became deeply involved in the quest for sharing present moment living. Gary is the New York Times best selling author of 4 books, including Seat of the Soul, and favorite guest on Oprah’s Remembering Your Spirit and Seat of the Soul series.  After my tenure with Gary, I served as CEO for a NYC consciousness training company bringing present moment living concepts to individuals and corporations. This company was lauded by Eckhart Tolle as “an important contributor to the transformation of human consciousness” that showed “how to make the shift from thinking to awareness, from past and future to the here-now.” I now consult with companies across the nation and maintain a part-time private practice focused on individuals, couples, and families.


Present Moment Living Philosophy 

My work is centered in present moment living. I'm passionate about the belief that we all have the ability to cultivate awareness of our experience in the present moment, and access the guiding states of Being, Thinking, Feeling and Acting.


I know that when we live in harmony with these states, we experience a “natural flow”, that allows us authenticity, joy, and choice. I'm inviting you to join me on this adventure.

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